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Don't sign a contract without a completion date and what you expect in quality...

1.0 rating

July 12, 2019

Okay folks, Colorado Springs resident review: Intrawest sends out inexperienced workers to remove gutters…
Once you have gutters removed they have you locked into a contract and your concerned about the quality
of work these inexperienced workers will do. So you call and raise concerns which causes them to put you
on a 5 week out install. Asking to get out of the contract right now and of course Dean can’t be reached for 3 days.
What a lousy way to run a business. It’s okay though because I plan on hitting every website they service with true reviews.

Rhonda Langford


1.0 rating

July 1, 2019

The first rain after installation I had a waterfall right in front of the door. The gutters are not pitched to drain properly. I have called numerous times and no reply. The secretary finally said the info was on the bosses desk. They sure took my money but are not in a hurry to fix the problem of bad installation

David Galvez

Full Service Gutter Pros

5.0 rating

August 20, 2018

Family owned and operated, Intrawest Seamless Gutters are dedicated to quality and professionalism. Established in 1967 they are the long standing gutter professionals in an often fly-by-night industry. Intrawest is dedicated to this community and the quality of their craft.

Sean Stennett