6 tips for leaking gutters Monument CO

6 tips for leaking gutters Monument CO

Do you have leaking gutters Monument, CO?

Here are six common types of leaking gutters Monument, CO and guidelines on how to fix them.

leaking gutters Monument CO

1. Dirty Gutters? If you are comfortable on a ladder (Safety First!) Check for debris, leafs, really anything that will disrupt the flow of water. Chances are if there is a bunch of debris in the way, it cannot work properly.

Remove all of the debris or contact us we are the full service gutter pros, we have seen it all! We provide FREE ESTIMATES and would be happy to help you isolate this problem.

2. Is everything Tight? Gutters can be secured by screws, nails gutter fasteners or several ways. Over time after years of Monument heavy rain and snow storms can force things to become loose.

One must go safely up the ladder and inspect if things are tight, or if they seem to be loose or coming apart. Check your fascia boards as well. If these are too damaged the gutter system will fall once the wood is completely worn away.

3. Holes. This can occur over time too. Excessive water builds in certain areas and can corrode, then eat away holes in the aluminum/material.

Many holes can be filled or sealed with caulk or sealant. For larger holes consider replacing said section. If much of the gutter system is worn and damaged, consider replacing your entire gutter system.

4. Splits. Again, resting water along seams can cause splits and separations , similar to holes. These spots are vulnerable to resting water and naturally split and, at times separate completely.

Small splits can be remedied with sealant or caulk, but larger splits may require more work. Investigate spots that could potentially separate and make sure they are fastened flush and secure. If you don’t fix it right the first time it will cause a bigger problem down the road.

5. Improper slope. Just like everything else, over time changes in weather, water and wind can cause improper sloping. When gravity cannot take the water down its designated path it flows out the sides of the gutters.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a job that caulk or sealant can properly fix. This can require re-hanging much or all of the said gutter section to keep the angle right and consistent down the line. Consider snapping a chalk line on the fascia boards in order to reset the gutters angle correctly.

6. Joint separations. One of the weakest points of a gutter system is the joints where water bottlenecks at turn before draining out the downspout. This is where debris and water is prone to collect and cause the mentioned damage above.

Investigate the trouble spot for small holes or splits. Sometimes caulk or sealant will do the trick, sometimes it is best to replace the entire joint. Make sure the everything is flush, not sagging, or the problems will persist and possibly cause further damage.

7. Improperly installed drip edge. This might exist on your roof currently, but check to see if it is properly installed. View the video below provided by This Old House for handy tips on making this fix.