Gutter Cleaning Scams – 10 Ways to Avoid

gutter cleaning scams

Gutter Cleaning Scams – 10 Ways to Avoid

gutter cleaning scams

Avoid Gutter Cleaning Scammers!

1. Say “No” to Door-to Door Transactions

If a sales person comes to you via door-to-door sales looking to provide on-the-spot gutter cleaning, you should just say no. This is shady at best. These people operate on a fly-by-night basis. Being conveniently “just in the neighborhood is part of the nature of their scam.

2. Don’t Pay In Full In Advance

Gutter repair companies or gutter cleaning companies won’t ever ask you to pay for their services in full before they begin the job. If they do, feel free to walk away! A deposit is a fair request, but if they ask for a payment in full, nothing is stopping them from taking your money with no service in return.

3. Don’t Trust Someone You Don’t Know

It’s simple for gutter service of any sort, the gutter is attached to the roof. There is no point in time a contractor needs to enter you home, period.

They might be crafty with their requests asking to use the phone because their cell phone battery died, or to inspect internal water damage. Simply don’t let them in to avoid any issues.

4. Check The Facts

Do your homework before hiring just anybody. Obtain a business card, or search their company name on the internet. View their website, social media, reviews, customer testimonials, and make sure they have a physical address and phone number answered by the company. If they don’t have web presence it is likely that they don’t exist as a legitimate company.

5. Time Sensitive Offers: Don’t Buy It!

Gutter cleaning cons and gutter repair scams often make outlandish claims at a low price. They want you to act now before their offer expires. Don’t get bullied into a deal. If the sales person is overly pushy, the deal isn’t worth it.

6. Licensed Professionals Only

Ask to view their contractor’s license. If they say it is not required for gutter cleaning companies, just make sure you verify.

7. Insure They Are Insured!

It maybe acceptable for a gutter contractor to not be licensed in your area, but insurance is a must! Roofing/roof repair and gutter cleanings are very dangerous jobs, and the contractor should have insurance to protect you in the event someone is injured. Lawsuits are a hot ticket these days, if the contractor is not properly insured you may be held liable for injuries and so on.

8. Put the Contract in Contractor

Even if you have done all of the research and are happy with your choice in gutter expert make sure to get at least a basic contract that outlines materials needed, overall budget and estimated timeline. In this way, if anything unexpected comes along you can hold them accountable to the original agreement.

9. Trust Your Instincts

If you are ever feeling uncomfortable, know when to simply say no. If you have a bad feeling about something you can always find a trustworthy professional who will gladly do the work for you without the high pressure sales pitch.

10. Contact Intrawest Gutters

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